Land Rover #Hibernot

Make more of Winter Time

We wanted to make people see winter differently by making daylight feel like a commodity that should be used to the fullest. So we created a series of eight films, each representing an hour of available winter daylight in which we followed a couple making the most of their ‘Winter Time’ in true Hibernot spirit.

Client: Landrover          
Campaign: #Hibernot
Media: Video content - Instagram
Published hour by hour
Director: Adam Kaleta

Hibernot website

We created a bespoke #Hibernot landing page for the Land Rover Live website that houses a daylight clock, counting down the hours of light left. As it counts down the background images change to match the time of day.
Campaign: Hibernot
Media: Website


Campaign: Hibernot
Media: Instagram

The end of winter time

Liam & Thom, Inc.
London, UK.